How to Keep Your Kids Busy While Travelling

Travelling is exploring and enjoying. Travelling is where curiosity meets enjoyment and you can’t help but relish every single moment, when you have lost the ground under your feet and are flying through that world of unknowns. Travelling is love and happiness. It makes you feel alive and teaches you so much. But there comes a moment in your life, when your family is extending and is becoming a little bit too large so that you could so easily travel. boys-286151_960_720Remember that time, when the road trips were unexpected and spontaneous, when you packed all the things needed in a bag for a couple days and left the house only a few minutes after you have decided to go on another adventure. Do you remember that careless time? And can you compare it with how road trips happen now? With a preparation that starts a week beforehand, you are packing two or three suitcases and you are making several lists of all the things you need for that long weekend. You are taking toys and clothes for two adults and two kids now. You are printing maps, booking hotels and looking for children friendly environments and every single road trip turns into a demanding and difficult task. But how to make it way more pleasant? How to make the trip interesting for the little ones, who cannot relish the architecture and history, as well? How to keep them busy so that our trip and their trip is as wonderful as possible?

Bring Toys

Well, I don’t mean that you need to check another suitcase full of toys when you are about to fly, but you have to take some toys at any price. The best ones you can choose for a trip are those that will keep them busy for much longer. So don’t take dolls or cars, but puzzles, cards, board games, colouring books and real ones. Then every morning before you leave the hotel, put a wide range of those toys in the bag, but use them only when they are indeed needed. When the kids are happily walking and enjoying themselves, don’t make them play with something, because otherwise you will be left with nothing in the end.

Choose the Right Activities

Sightseeing from a double-decker bus or a boat in the river could be super exciting for the little kids. In fact, it could be one of the parts of the

travelling they would remember for so long. However, on the other side the constant walking will bore them to death. Too much museums and too much art is like suicide for you – at some point it will kill you, because your kids will simply freak out. McDonalds is ok, but the fanciest restaurant in town will bring you too much hatred, as your kids won’t stop screaming and will make all the people angry. The conclusion is that you need to think carefully before you just go out. Be rational and have the happiest kids.