Refresh Your House Easy & Fast Before Your Guests’ Arrival

You have cleaned your house this last weekend or the one before and you believe it is in relatively good condition, but in the same time, you feel that there are some not so perfect looking places and things and this is not the way you want to present your place before your guests. This is pretty understandable. And if you haven’t missed any of the must-do cleanings, this means that your house is not that dirty. This also means that you don’t need to clean it. You need to refresh it and make it shine. Here is what you have to do. It will take you only an hour and the results will fascinate you.

guest-homeThe Dust

First of all, get rid of the dust. It is super obvious in most of the cases and it is super annoying. Going to a house and noticing the dust on the frames, on the candles or wherever is the worst first impression. So find a microfiber cloth and take your time to make all this dust vanish. The problem is that you cannot do this in advance and the dust will appear again. So refresh your home right before the guests’ arrival.

The Floor

When you are done with the dust removal, focus on the flooring and inspect whether it is in the best condition possible. If you find something obvious, clean it. Vacuum the carpet or with a wet clout go through the hardwood floor.

The Perfection

Then you need to pay attention to the details. Scrub and polish all the places that don’t look flawless and make sure that the house will look as if professional cleaners have just performed an end of tenancy cleaning – that perfect and that satisfying. You can book your end of tenancy cleaning here.