Household tricks: 6 spells for cleaning the kitchen

Did you know that the oven can self-clean while you sleep?

Today we are going to run out of the kitchen. The place where we cook and wash dishes has the ability to bring us to despair when we are faced with the task of cleaning it basically. The good news is that with the tricks presented here everything will go much easier, faster and more efficiently.

1. Oven is self-cleaning while you sleep

Every housewife had a wish for a little home fairy to clean up while the mistress of her home rests. The truth is you can arrange something like that, at least as far as the terrible hard deposits in the oven are concerned.

Here’s what the secret is: pour half a cup of ammonia into a bowl. Put this in the stove, but only if it is completely chilled! Let it stand all night. Evaporation will do the job, and in the morning you will have to make only minimal effort to wipe the dirt out of the oven. In case your oven is too dirty you can use the services of a cleaning company. End of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon offer oven cleaning at very good prices. Check them here.

2. There is a magic for the microwave oven

You can also save yourself the scrubbing of it. Soak a sponge a lot, put it in the microwave and let the appliance run for 2 minutes at a high level. Removing steam will do miracles with the dirt. Then you just have to put your kitchen glove and wipe the sponge inside the microwave. Caution: The glove is mandatory because the sponge will be really hot!

3. Clean the grill

Peel the onion, dip it and put a fork in the narrower part of one half. With this appliance, rub the grilles of the heated grill. In addition to cleaning, the onion exercise will provide an extra tasty scent for the next use of the grate.

4. Dirt on the kitchen cabinets

The recipe is quite simple: mix 1 part vegetable oil with 2 parts baking soda, mix well and you are ready! Use a sponge or rag to rub the surfaces of the cabinets, and for the corners and other special areas you can help with a toothbrush.

5. Wooden boards for cutting

To successfully clean, cut a lemon in two pieces and rub the board with one half (hold the bark and wet the board with the juice from the core). Then cover the lemon juice board with kosher salt (or other salt with larger particles), wait for 10-15 minutes. As soon as they pass, take the lemon again and rub the salt on the board.

6. Plastic cutting boards

And for them there is a “hint”. Clog the sink and cover the bottom with 2-3 fingers of water. Pour in and a generous amount of bleach – about 1 cup. Soak the boards in this solution and leave them there for an hour. Then drain the water from the sink and rinse thoroughly everything.