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Household tricks: 6 spells for cleaning the kitchen

Did you know that the oven can self-clean while you sleep?

Today we are going to run out of the kitchen. The place where we cook and wash dishes has the ability to bring us to despair when we are faced with the task of cleaning it basically. The good news is that with the tricks presented here everything will go much easier, faster and more efficiently.

1. Oven is self-cleaning while you sleep

Every housewife had a wish for a little home fairy to clean up while the mistress of her home rests. The truth is you can arrange something like that, at least as far as the terrible hard deposits in the oven are concerned.

Here’s what the secret is: pour half a cup of ammonia into a bowl. Put this in the stove, but only if it is completely chilled! Let it stand all night. Evaporation will do the job, and in the morning you will have to make only minimal effort to wipe the dirt out of the oven. In case your oven is too dirty you can use the services of a cleaning company. End of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon offer oven cleaning at very good prices. Check them here.

2. There is a magic for the microwave oven

You can also save yourself the scrubbing of it. Soak a sponge a lot, put it in the microwave and let the appliance run for 2 minutes at a high level. Removing steam will do miracles with the dirt. Then you just have to put your kitchen glove and wipe the sponge inside the microwave. Caution: The glove is mandatory because the sponge will be really hot!

3. Clean the grill

Peel the onion, dip it and put a fork in the narrower part of one half. With this appliance, rub the grilles of the heated grill. In addition to cleaning, the onion exercise will provide an extra tasty scent for the next use of the grate.

4. Dirt on the kitchen cabinets

The recipe is quite simple: mix 1 part vegetable oil with 2 parts baking soda, mix well and you are ready! Use a sponge or rag to rub the surfaces of the cabinets, and for the corners and other special areas you can help with a toothbrush.

5. Wooden boards for cutting

To successfully clean, cut a lemon in two pieces and rub the board with one half (hold the bark and wet the board with the juice from the core). Then cover the lemon juice board with kosher salt (or other salt with larger particles), wait for 10-15 minutes. As soon as they pass, take the lemon again and rub the salt on the board.

6. Plastic cutting boards

And for them there is a “hint”. Clog the sink and cover the bottom with 2-3 fingers of water. Pour in and a generous amount of bleach – about 1 cup. Soak the boards in this solution and leave them there for an hour. Then drain the water from the sink and rinse thoroughly everything.

Refresh Your House Easy & Fast Before Your Guests’ Arrival

Refresh Your House Easy & Fast Before Your Guests’ Arrival

You have cleaned your house this last weekend or the one before and you believe it is in relatively good condition, but in the same time, you feel that there are some not so perfect looking places and things and this is not the way you want to present your place before your guests. This is pretty understandable. And if you haven’t missed any of the must-do cleanings, this means that your house is not that dirty. This also means that you don’t need to clean it. You need to refresh it and make it shine. Here is what you have to do. It will take you only an hour and the results will fascinate you.

guest-homeThe Dust

First of all, get rid of the dust. It is super obvious in most of the cases and it is super annoying. Going to a house and noticing the dust on the frames, on the candles or wherever is the worst first impression. So find a microfiber cloth and take your time to make all this dust vanish. The problem is that you cannot do this in advance and the dust will appear again. So refresh your home right before the guests’ arrival.

The Floor

When you are done with the dust removal, focus on the flooring and inspect whether it is in the best condition possible. If you find something obvious, clean it. Vacuum the carpet or with a wet clout go through the hardwood floor.

The Perfection

Then you need to pay attention to the details. Scrub and polish all the places that don’t look flawless and make sure that the house will look as if professional cleaners have just performed an end of tenancy cleaning – that perfect and that satisfying. You can book your end of tenancy cleaning here.

The Unique Tips of the Castle Cleaners

They are the very best in the field and in the industry. Their reputation is that great that it has escaped London and is now nationwide. (If you don’t believe me, take a look.) They are efficient, skillful, experienced. They are people who change your life with the small details they add to it. They inspire and they affect. They are people you can no doubt learn from. And here are their ultimate cleaning tips. Think of them, consider them. In the world of today, learning from the best is more valuable than googling stuff and trying them. So learn, apply, desire.3504386519_1d13868156_z

Kill Your Procrastination Spirit

There is nothing that could spoil your cleaning more than the procrastination, because with the time the dirt is being accumulated by every place and part of your house and it is deep down, almost impossible to take care of and cope with. The conclusion is pretty clear. Roll up your sleeves and clean the house now, as soon as possible. Thus you will avoid having to cope with some kind of cleaning disaster later.

Turn it into a Habit

The cleaning has to be nothing like an annoying task to do from time to time. The cleaning has to become part of your daily, weekly, or monthly routine. It has to be something natural and essential. It is something like making your bed and cooking dinner. So you need to make it a habit. You need to do it without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. It is how life goes.

Be Efficient

I know that you don’t like spending hours and hours during the weekends and in your free time cleaning, cleaning. And this is super logical. But the only way you can clean faster and achieve the same wonderful results is by being efficient.

Who are the London’s Spring Clean Experts?

The gloomy, cold, and rainy winter has finally come to an end, or at least we hope it has. And now the weather is super lovely and so is everyone’s mood. The sun is shining brightly. The cafes are full of people who no longer spend all day around the cozy fireplace, tucked up under blankets, wearing too many sweaters. Now the sun has attracted them all out. And the park is also busy with people, running and playing and walking their dogs.spring-1210194_960_720 Some are having picnics, while others are just randomly walking around the park with a cup of hot chocolate or nice latte in hand. The road trips seem now more alluring than ever. The car is waiting for you as well as all other adventures and you can’t wait to undertake the next one. And right in this refreshing and reviving season of the new beginnings, you need to take care of one disgusting, annoying, and always hated thing – the spring clean. What makes it that awful is the fact that it is a full house one, that it is super time-consuming, and that to a certain extent it is beyond your strengths. But no matter how long you procrastinate and how much you want to do nothing about it, you simply need to face it and cope with it no matter how. And if you are not one of those neat freaks that are all powerful in cleaning and if you don’t enjoy scrubbing the floor, then you need to find those amazing and life-changing London spring clean experts. They are the only ones who can save you. But how to recognize them?

Learn more about spring cleaning from the experts. 

Your Family and Friends Surely Know How

No doubt you are not the first person who has to perform a spring cleaning and you will not be the last, as well. This means that all your friends and relatives might have gone through the expert cleaners hunt already. So before you check the web and make any kind of research, just talk with them. They will give you the most appropriate advice, the contacts of professional cleaners whose services are worthy and so on. The information they would give you is more than valuable, ecause you can be sure that it is super trustworthy and then because it is first-hand. So don’t lose more time, but start texting them right now.

Be a Stalker

At some point in your life you have mastered these skills of yours for sure and no matter how much you deny you can stalk. Here this is a well

appreciated skill, because doing a research in the web for a nice and expert spring cleaners is super important. What you need to look for are several super significant stuff. You need to be aware which services are included in the spring clean and which aren’t. Because if you pay a certain amount of money for a service and then you get no carpet cleaning included, you won’t be satisfied, right?

Do You Need a Career Change?

Do what you love and you won’t work a single day, they say. And everybody is advising you to find a lovely hobby and turn it into a job. But as I remember reading laws is no hobby just like holding scalpels isn’t, as well. And what kind of people then decide to become lawyers, judges or doctors? How could we manage to find the job that suits us best? And what if we make a mistake? Unfortunately, there is no trial period in life and you cannot simply give up after working a day or two at a certain place. But still, how could you recognize when it is appropriate for a career change? Here are some of the things you need to consider first. After that, you better think well and make informed choices only, because in the reality there is no undo.career

Does this job make you happy?

Life is too short for you not to be happy. That is why if this job only makes you sad and you go home, not only exhausted but depressed and gloomy, maybe you better find another one.

Is there something that challenges you every day?

If there are no challenges, you will soon get bored with the job no matter what it is. But what does challenge mean? Well, if you have some difficulties, but you find it exciting to work on them and to cope with them, then your job will be another adventure you take. And if you are going to work every morning, doing one and the same task, you will start feeling miserable sooner or later.

What now?

Ok, maybe you have found that you need to change your career, because you don’t like your job and you are not feeling comfortable with it, then think about the alternatives you have first.

7 Things to Consider Before a Career Change

How to Keep Your Kids Busy While Travelling

Travelling is exploring and enjoying. Travelling is where curiosity meets enjoyment and you can’t help but relish every single moment, when you have lost the ground under your feet and are flying through that world of unknowns. Travelling is love and happiness. It makes you feel alive and teaches you so much. But there comes a moment in your life, when your family is extending and is becoming a little bit too large so that you could so easily travel. boys-286151_960_720Remember that time, when the road trips were unexpected and spontaneous, when you packed all the things needed in a bag for a couple days and left the house only a few minutes after you have decided to go on another adventure. Do you remember that careless time? And can you compare it with how road trips happen now? With a preparation that starts a week beforehand, you are packing two or three suitcases and you are making several lists of all the things you need for that long weekend. You are taking toys and clothes for two adults and two kids now. You are printing maps, booking hotels and looking for children friendly environments and every single road trip turns into a demanding and difficult task. But how to make it way more pleasant? How to make the trip interesting for the little ones, who cannot relish the architecture and history, as well? How to keep them busy so that our trip and their trip is as wonderful as possible?

Bring Toys

Well, I don’t mean that you need to check another suitcase full of toys when you are about to fly, but you have to take some toys at any price. The best ones you can choose for a trip are those that will keep them busy for much longer. So don’t take dolls or cars, but puzzles, cards, board games, colouring books and real ones. Then every morning before you leave the hotel, put a wide range of those toys in the bag, but use them only when they are indeed needed. When the kids are happily walking and enjoying themselves, don’t make them play with something, because otherwise you will be left with nothing in the end.

Choose the Right Activities

Sightseeing from a double-decker bus or a boat in the river could be super exciting for the little kids. In fact, it could be one of the parts of the

travelling they would remember for so long. However, on the other side the constant walking will bore them to death. Too much museums and too much art is like suicide for you – at some point it will kill you, because your kids will simply freak out. McDonalds is ok, but the fanciest restaurant in town will bring you too much hatred, as your kids won’t stop screaming and will make all the people angry. The conclusion is that you need to think carefully before you just go out. Be rational and have the happiest kids.